Timing and creativity are crucial to xLights sequence success!

To make our sequences great, ATWS goes to extraordinary efforts in xLights to provide spot-on timing and a wide variety of effects. Creative use of effects methodically intertwining with our musical selection turns your light show, into a truly unforgettable experience.

"Exceptional light show displays aren't determined by the quantity of lights used, but by the creativity and execution of the design."

How do I sequence in xLights like a pro?

Creating sequences in xLights is simple. Creating good sequences in xLights takes time, but is fairly easy once you get a hang of programming. Creating great sequences like a pro, is very time consuming and difficult. Knowing what each effect is capable of, is the greatest tool you can have when programming. Once you become comfortable with what you can do in xLights, the possibilities are only limited to how much time you want to spend and your creative potential.